Many Ways To Do YouTube On Drupal


Drupal 5
1. Embed code within nodes. By far the easiest and most flexible way to integrate YouTube videos on your site. Just copy and paste the embed codes provided for each video player into the node body. Make sure that your input format is set to 'Full HTML' or the player will not appear when the post is saved.

2. The asset module. The asset module can connect to your YouTube account via the YouTube API. This allows you to access lists of uploaded videos and favorites which you can then insert into posts directly from the Drupal adminstration interface.

3. The embedded media field module. Embedded media field is a multi-purpose embedding module that supports images, video and audio. The video part supports YouTube and a wide variety of other video sites.This module allows you to create a field using CCK that will accept the link to a YouTube video and automatically convert that link to an embedded video player in the node.

Drupal 6
1. Embed code within nodes.

2. The video filter module. The video filter module (also compatible with Drupal 5) allows you to embed YouTube video players by adding a bit of code to each post that appears as follows: [video:video-url].